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A Podcast for People looking to Scale, Acquire or Exit a Business!

If you are looking to maximize the value of your business acquisition or sale – the M&A Unplugged Podcast was designed with you in mind. On each episode of M&A Unplugged, I will interview business buyers, sellers and their advisors and you will hear firsthand accounts of their transaction experience. You will gain valuable insights and actionable takeaways so you can maximize the value of your business acquisition or sale!

As the owner and managing partner of Sun Acquisitions, a Mergers and Acquisitions firm headquartered in Chicago, I have been personally involved in over 300 business for sale transactions across a broad range of industries. I have also had the opportunity to write many articles and papers for our own website, as well as contribute content for Entrepreneur.com, Smart Business and Crain’s Chicago Business. In late 2019, I will be releasing my first book titled – ‘The 10 Blindspots in M&A Transactions’.

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036 Maximizing The Value Of Your Business With Darren Mize

  The more you know where your business stands, the better you can implement strategies that will help boost its performance. This is why business valuation is very necessary for every business to go through. An expert on this front, host, Domenic Rinaldi, talks with Darren Mize, one of the principals of one of the…

035 The Psychology Of Business: Getting To The Core Of Business With Dr. Mark Sirkin

  The Psychology of Business is slowly but steadily being recognized as a distinct branch of study by larger bodies in Psychology, so the practice has been developing throughout the years. This field of study puts practices in businesses in focus, and studies what brings about these practices. Domenic Rinaldi is joined by Dr. Mark…

034 Creating A Self-Managing Company And Maximizing Business Value With Ken Arlen

  One of the surest ways to maximize business value is to create a self-managing company. While this may seem easier said than done, it is nonetheless possible. Guest, Ken Arlen, is the person who has the experience to show you the ropes and got your back covered. Ken is the founder of Arlen Music…

033 Mergers And Acquisitions: Best Practices For Sellers With Joseph Beer

  Mergers and acquisitions are big events for various parties including the seller, buyer, company employees, and the legal team. On today’s show, Domenic Rinaldi focuses on the seller and talks to Joseph Beer, the Vice President of Operations at Sun Acquisitions, LLC, about the seller’s responsibility during the M&A process. Joe explains some best…

The Host

Domenic Rinaldi is the Owner and Managing Partner of Sun Acquisitions – a Chicago based mergers and acquisitions firm. He is also a speaker, author and host of the M&A Unplugged Podcast.

Domenic specializes in helping the owners of privately held companies (with enterprise values between $2 and $30 million dollars) scale, acquire and sell businesses. He has been personally involved in over 300 business transactions across a broad range of industries and is considered an expert in his field.

Domenic is passionate about mergers and acquisitions and thrives on helping his clients maximize the value of their transactions.


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