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061 Earnouts In M&A Transactions With Jeffrey Petersen And John Schreiner

  Earnouts are an important part of M&A transactions, with about 20% of all deals involving some form of it in normal circumstances. With COVID-19 at our heels, that percentage is going up as buyers take extra precaution, given the...... Read More

060 What Happened to Valuations During COVID-19 With Tad Render

  As we navigate this uncertain business environment created by COVID-19, both sellers and buyers have to add a few considerations if they’re contemplating an M&A transaction. The question of the PPP loan is certainly one of the elephants in...... Read More

059 How to Use Intuition During M&A Transactions With Dean Newlund

  There is room for intuition in business, and it can lead us to better decisions and better results. This is what Dean Newlund explores in his podcast, The Business of Intuition. Dean is the CEO of Mission Facilitators International,...... Read More

058 Business Valuations In This Time Of COVID-19 With Alexandra Reed Lajoux

  Valuing a business is hard enough when things are going well, but valuing a business that has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic can be another kind of tricky at best. Joining host, Domenic Rinaldi, in this episode, to...... Read More

057 Mergers And Acquisitions: Domenic Rinaldi On Taking Your Business To The Market With Thrive LOUD Podcast’s Lou Diamond

  In our business evolution, there will come a time where we have to take our business to the markets. Unfortunately, not many small business owners realize the value of their business that this transition can be quite difficult to...... Read More

056 Multiemployer Pension Plans: Addressing The Issue Of Underfunding With Todd Solomon

A significant issue facing many business owners is the impact of underfunded multiemployer pension plans. This is most common, but not exclusive to, unionized businesses. In this episode, Todd Solomon joins Domenic Rinaldi to talk about multiemployer pension plans and addressing...... Read More

055 Preparing Financially For Your Retirement With Bill Douglass

  A significant component of retirement planning is “knowing your number,” i.e., getting a good grasp of how much you need to fund your post-business endeavors – whether it’s operating another business, retirement, or philanthropic work. Joining Domenic Rinaldi on...... Read More

054 How To Navigate M&A Deals In This COVID-19 Environment With Trevor Crow

  With the COVID-19 right in front of us, one of the most pressing questions many of us in this industry is how the pandemic will impact M&A deals. Although we are still at the early stages of the crisis,...... Read More

053 Buyers And Sellers: The Two Sides Of M&A Transactions With John Schreiner And Jeff Petersen

  Students need to be prepared to argue either side of the law when discussing a legal issue. That way, you can learn the law from all angles and see every corner of an argument. In today’s episode, Domenic Rinaldi...... Read More

052 A Good Time For Estate Planning With Eric Kalnins

  Estate planning is a constantly moving and shifting process, and it’s not just something you should be thinking about once in a while. If you constantly keep everything up to date, in case anything ever happens to you, you...... Read More