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Dr. Solange Charas: Running The Numbers On Human Capital ROI – Ep. 072

Human capital is the most important asset of every company. Without it, you can’t maintain clients or grow your business. This aspect of due diligence is so critical in the M&A process to see whether or not you are looking...... Read More

Ben Mimmack & Andy Waltman: Baymark Partners Acquisition Criteria, Due Diligence And M&A Predictions – Ep. 071

As a business owner, it is important to understand what a buyer is looking for in a deal so that you can position your company for a future sale. Representing this side of the M&A equation are Ben Mimmack and Andy...... Read More

Brett Trainor: Getting Past The Micro-Business Stage Through Implementation And Execution – Ep. 070

Did you know that over 95% of businesses in the US fail to reach one million in annual sales? According to today’s guest, it’s not for lack of great ideas but rather, implementation and execution. Domenic Rinaldi sits down with Brett...... Read More

Jaryd Krause: Online-Offline Business Synergy – Ep. 069

An ever increasing number of traditional businesses are looking to grow and diversify by adding an online component to their business model. Just like in offline business, buying an online business that is already established and generating leads is way...... Read More

Klint Kendrick: Best Practices For Integrating Employees During M&A – Ep. 068  

There probably is an asset that is nothing more important in an acquisition than the people. They are the ones that make the engine run and carry the entire business. That is why knowing how to handle the integration of...... Read More

Justin Breen: The Importance Of Communication In The M&A Process – Ep. 067

Every transaction hangs by the thread of communication. How you get your message across can either make or break a deal. Yet, this important aspect tends to be the most overlooked by many in the M&A industry. That is why...... Read More

Jim Piper: Building The Integration Plan – Ep. 066

Whether you’re a group of investors acquiring a business that you’re going to operate yourselves or your company looking to acquire another company, integration is critical. Matot, a fourth-generation dumbwaiter manufacturer, complete a strategic acquisition several years ago. Jim Piper, its President,...... Read More

Will Moore: Preparing For The Sale – Ep. 065

Many business owners who sell their businesses wind up being remorseful, not because of the amount of money that they received for their business, but because they don’t know the next thing to do and have lost their purpose. Are you...... Read More

Jim Jeffries: Make Or Break Your ROI: Post-Merger Integration And Transition – Ep. 064  

Where should you start when you think about integration? In this episode, Jim Jeffries, founder of M&A Leadership Council, joins Domenic Rinaldi to talk about post-merger integration and transition and how that can typically make or break the return on...... Read More

Jason Abell: The Critical Role Of Mindset To M&A Transactions – Ep. 063  

Not nearly talked about in M&A transactions is the critical role of mindset and emotion. Without realizing it, you may have overspent or even over-invested in a transaction or deal that is not giving you the results you expected. Tackling...... Read More