MAU 20 | Private Equity Groups
  Often times, businesses can be compared to a child with the business owner as the parent, and that makes selling it harder. Private equity groups assist business owners in this endeavor with the option of allowing them to maintain
MAU 19 | Acquiring A Small Business
  Have you bought a business and are unsure of what to do next? This episode features a couple who tells the tale of what led them to acquire a small business and how they grew it afterward. Phil Stout
MAU 18 | Environmental Due Diligence
  Get to know what environmental due diligence for commercial lenders and site remediation for businesses are as Domenic Rinaldi and his guest, Tim Allen, discuss what to do when business owners or buyers have real estate attached to their
MAU 17 | Business Acquisition Loans
  The word “loan” often gets negative reactions from people as it implies debt, but knowing and understanding how it works in business acquisitions can prove very useful. This is one simple method that the rich use to get richer,
MAU 16 | Selling A Business
  In selling a business, there should always be goals and objectives in place as well as an understanding of the possible consequences of any decisions made. In this episode, Tad Render discusses the “commandments” that need to be followed
MAU 15 | Private Equity Presence
  In this episode, Geoff Cockrell, the chair of McGuireWoods Private Equity Group, talks about private equity presence in M&As from his wide scope of experience in mergers and acquisitions and financing transactions. Join host Domenic Rinaldi and Geoff as
MAU 14 | Growing Your Business Big
  The best proof that a strategy works is the result it produces. There are a number of ways in growing your business, but there’s only a few that can help grow it big, even fewer if you want to
MAU 13 | Doing Due Diligence
  One of the lessons you can learn from an unsuccessful deal is the importance of doing due diligence. This is what Tom Minichiello discusses in this episode, both on a buyer and a seller perspective. Tom was named the
MAU 12 | Integration Planning And Strategy
  In this episode, get an overview of how to assess, plan, and execute deals of various shapes and sizes in a variety of industries with an expert on M&A integration, planning, and strategy. Jeff Alvis is the Director of
MAU 11 | Transitioning After Acquisition
  In M&A, buying is the easy part. It’s transitioning after the acquisition that’ll test your perseverance. Founders of CLM Equity Partners, Matthew Locci and Scott Maze, tell the story of how they put everything on the line. They talk