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Jennifer Goldman: Grow Your Business From A Simmer Pot  – Ep. 077

When we have just acquired a business, it can be easy to dive into transforming and growing it immediately. However, this episode’s guest, Jennifer Goldman of Jennifer Goldman Consulting, is all about the opposite. In fact, she tells you to stop and start...... Read More

The Most Common Value Drivers That Affect Business Valuation – Ep. 076

There are a number of components that you should be looking at any time you’re valuing a business. In this episode, Domenic Rinaldi dives into one of them – value drivers. What are the common value drivers that you should be...... Read More

Keith Knohl: The Business Ownership Process – Ep. 075

Keith Knohl always dreamed of owning a business. He tried to start a few ventures during his long and successful corporate career, but like the vast majority of all startups, he could never quite get it off the ground. He decided...... Read More

Starting Versus Buying A Business: Which One Should You Choose? – Ep. 074

There are so many paths to becoming an entrepreneur. One of the common struggles many face beforehand is deciding whether to start a business or buy instead. If you found yourself in this dilemma, then this episode is for you....... Read More

Andrew Cross: Creating The Perfect M&A Communication Strategy – Ep. 073

There is a lot at stake in getting your communication strategy right during a merger and acquisition. Apart from just ensuring a healthy give and take between the two parties, you need a communication plan to trickle information down to...... Read More

Dr. Solange Charas: Running The Numbers On Human Capital ROI – Ep. 072

Human capital is the most important asset of every company. Without it, you can’t maintain clients or grow your business. This aspect of due diligence is so critical in the M&A process to see whether or not you are looking...... Read More

Ben Mimmack & Andy Waltman: Baymark Partners Acquisition Criteria, Due Diligence And M&A Predictions – Ep. 071

As a business owner, it is important to understand what a buyer is looking for in a deal so that you can position your company for a future sale. Representing this side of the M&A equation are Ben Mimmack and Andy...... Read More

Brett Trainor: Getting Past The Micro-Business Stage Through Implementation And Execution – Ep. 070

Did you know that over 95% of businesses in the US fail to reach one million in annual sales? According to today’s guest, it’s not for lack of great ideas but rather, implementation and execution. Domenic Rinaldi sits down with Brett...... Read More

Jaryd Krause: Online-Offline Business Synergy – Ep. 069

An ever increasing number of traditional businesses are looking to grow and diversify by adding an online component to their business model. Just like in offline business, buying an online business that is already established and generating leads is way...... Read More

Klint Kendrick: Best Practices For Integrating Employees During M&A – Ep. 068  

There probably is an asset that is nothing more important in an acquisition than the people. They are the ones that make the engine run and carry the entire business. That is why knowing how to handle the integration of...... Read More