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107: Season 1 of M&A Unplugged Coming to an End

M&A Unplugged Season 1 is coming to an end. Season 2 will be back after this summer. Visit our website to download our free resources for those wishing to buy or sell a business: If you enjoy our content,...... Read More

106. How To Make The Most Out Of M&A Exclusivity

M&A exclusivity is one major strategy utilized by many, but some are unaware of how to push its advantages to the limit. Starting a series of topics from his one-on-one client consultations, Domenic Rinaldi shares one conversation focused on exclusivity....... Read More

105. What Value Drivers Should You Consider During Business Valuation?

Although many businesses out there are similar in many ways, each one has value drivers unique to them. These significant factors dictate the overall framework of a business, and looking at them much closely will help a lot during valuations....... Read More

104. Understanding Bank Financing For Owners And Buyers Of Businesses Affected By The Pandemic

It’s no secret that a lot of industries were severely impacted by the pandemic. But how exactly did it affect bank financing for owners and buyers of businesses? Domenic Rinaldi shares some handy information for people who are interested in...... Read More

103. Jennifer Fondrevay: Why Employee Integration Is A Critical Aspect Of M&A

Employee integration is such a critical aspect of any M&A transaction that it’s a wonder why most entrepreneurs spend too little time planning for and executing this element. As a result, they often end up trying to catch up with...... Read More

102. Dino Armiros: How To Avoid And Mitigate Successor Liabilities

 It is never a bad idea to acquire a thriving business. But sometimes, buyers find themselves in a bit of a pickle because of successor liabilities. Dissecting this topic with Domenic Rinaldi is Dino Armiros from the law firm...... Read More

101. John Vuong: Gauging The Value And Potential Of A Business’ Digital Assets

These days, social media presence is in itself an asset. That is why it should be included in your due diligence when you’re sizing up a company you’re trying to purchase. If you’re a business owner, it is one thing...... Read More

100. Celebrating M&A Unplugged’s First Hundred Episodes

    After hours of engaging discussions and interesting guests, M&A Unplugged now marks its 100th episode! Besides hitting this momentous achievement, the show is also being downloaded in more than 50 countries and one of top ten M&A shows...... Read More

99. Patrick Stroth: Mitigating Post-Closing Risks Through The Rep And Warranty Insurance

M&A deals don’t just end after the acquisition. In fact, inherent to it are post-closing risks that buyers and sellers will have to face. Are there stones left unturned during the due diligence process? What monetary holdback and liability will...... Read More

98. Best Practices For A Successful First Meeting With A Business Owner

Knowing how to prepare for and conduct an initial meeting with a business owner drastically increases your chances of having a successful first meeting. First meetings are crucial when building any business relationship. When you come into the meeting fully...... Read More