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030 Getting Smart About Your Taxes With Dr. Bart Basi

  To many, taxes feel like a hindrance: something that just gets in the way of the resources you’re trying to gain by making a sale. But maximizing savings on taxes doesn’t have to be all that difficult—provided you’re working...... Read More

029 Last Show Of 2019

  This has been a record year for Domenic Rinaldi’s mergers and acquisitions firm, and the M&A Unplugged podcast has also been a tremendous ride for everyone. This is the last episode of the year, and Domenic gives us a...... Read More

028 Infinite Banking With Jim Oliver

  Some of you have probably heard about infinite banking, but what does it actually mean? Here to help host Domenic Rinaldi to unpack this concept is the foremost expert on the infinite banking, Jim Oliver. Jim is the owner...... Read More

027 Cyber Security Preparedness With Craig Sherwood

  Many US companies are regular targets of cyber-attacks, sparking the need for cybersecurity preparedness. Joining Domenic Rinaldi today is Craig Sherwood, a partner at Shambliss Security, a leading company in the cybersecurity industry.  With the threats that companies face every day, the...... Read More

026 Andrew Kelleher: Preparing To Sell Your Business

  Selling a business entails so many elements, including the emotional aspects of letting go of something you have worked so hard for. Andrew Kelleher, the Co-Founder of the Kelleher & Buckley, LLC, joins Domenic Rinaldi to share his extensive...... Read More

025 The Story Of Wenesco, Inc. And The Importance Of Having A Succession Plan With Wendi Ewalt And Leslie Chanel

  In owning a business, you need to have a succession plan in place in order to prevent future stress on you and your family. This is especially important if there are plans to possibly sell the business later on....... Read More

024 Survey Review And Happy Thanksgiving!

  In this special Thanksgiving episode, host, Domenic Rinaldi, reviews the results from a recent survey with prospective sellers and buyers. Domenic looks back on the importance of preparation for both buyers and sellers prior to pulling the trigger. For...... Read More

023 Jeremy Waitzman: Beyond The Price Of A Sale

  As you get into your later years, there are times that you’d prefer peace of mind over money. The same could be said when exiting and selling a business—the highest price isn’t always the best deal you can get....... Read More

022 Kathy Miller: Transitioning From Selling A Business To Retirement

  What comes next for you after selling a business, venturing into a new one or retiring altogether? Kathy Miller did the latter when she finally sold her own business, Total Event Resources. Kathy lived in the world of events...... Read More

021 David Buckley: Legal Considerations

  Have you ever wondered what type of legal review is necessary as you contemplate the potential sale of your business? David Buckley, a Founding Member of Kelleher & Buckley, LLC, joins Domenic Rinaldi to talk about some of the...... Read More