Scaling a Business?

Growing a business. It’s something virtually every business owner targets, but few execute well.

And when executed without forethought, business growth can actually put a business – and its owner’s personal assets – at risk.

In fact, by improperly scaling your business, you could:

  • Reduce net revenue

  • Increase liability

  • Lose competitive advantages and market share

  • Jeopardize your long-term business goals

  • Expose your personal assets to loss


Having scaled our own business, and guided dozens of successful business expansions, we’ve identified obstacles that consistently impede growth.

And one of the biggest obstacles is the business owner himself. That’s because without a full team, it’s hard for an owner to consistently:

  • Gather objective, outside input that can prevent blind spots

  • Possess the broad skills necessary to successfully scale

  • Audit their business without biases

  • Choose the right mix of actions to scale with minimal risk

  • Recognize the optimal time to execute a plan for growth


Even accomplished Himalayan climbers rely on Sherpas… because their local experience reduces risks and increases the likelihood of success.

Like an experienced Sherpa, K2Adviser can help you scale the business-growth mountain through our SUMMIT MASTERMIND.

SUMMIT MASTERMIND is a group of business owners like you who value critical, non-biased insights delivered in a supportive, “let’s scale that mountain” environment.

As a member, you’ll have access to our extensive network of CEOs, subject matter experts and other business owners who have successfully scaled the business-building mountain.

The result? You can tap their knowledge and learn from their mistakes… so you can avoid the pain and cost of learning the hard way.

Click HERE to add your name to the SUMMIT MASTERMIND charter member waitlist. We’ll email you when we open membership and give you the chance to lock in your benefits at charter member rates.