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Domenic Rinaldi

Keynote Speaker on M&A Strategies That Can Maximize the Value of the Transactions

Speaking Topics

Are You Ready To Sell?

A business owner’s largest asset is their business. Typically, 90% of an owner’s wealth is tied up in their business. However, according to a survey done by Pepperdine University, over 70% of business owners don’t properly plan for an exit or a transition. Another survey conducted by mathematician Simon Norton in 2016 shows that 88% of owners think that the business will stay in one family, but interestingly enough, only 30% survive into a second generation, only 12% survive into a third generation, and a mere 4% survive to a fourth generation. As a business owner, are you really ready to sell? Readiness to sell involves three legs of a stool – personal readiness, business readiness, and emotional readiness. Learn how to get these three elements in alignment so you’ll have what it takes to really be able to walk away. Book Domenic Rinaldi for this revealing experience and discover if you are ready to sell.

Understanding The Value Drivers Of Your Business

There are many things that go into what drives value in business. Understanding the industry, the growth prospects for that industry, and the trends really matter. Do you have client and vendor concentrations that would cause buyers concern about your business? Do you have key employees? Are the right incentives in place to keep them? How much capital is needed to run your business? Other important value drivers include value recurring revenue, marketplace competition, the strength of your brand, financial and historical performance of the company, and whether it’s a business you’re involved day to day or a self-managed one. Don’t miss Domenic Rinaldi sharing his experience about understanding the value drivers of your business so you can discover the essence of all of them and strategies to effectively move the needle.

How To Prepare For An Acquisition

Acquisitions can be the best way to achieve growth. Assuming that everybody – including your team, management company, and bankers – are on the same page. What does that look like? Are you looking for vertical integration? Are you looking to grow geographically? Do you want to acquire talent or pick up clients? Are you looking to grow market share? Do you need to diversify your portfolio? Understanding these acquisition drivers will help you measure, at the end of the day, whether or not you are ready. Seeing what the whole acquisition landscape looks like will better prepare you. Through this comprehensive presentation Domenic Rinaldi illuminates how to prepare for an acquisition to achieve growth. Get a deeper understanding on the process of acquiring a business and, most importantly, put the right strategy pieces in place to set you up for success.