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Joel Ankney: Surprises Within the M&A Process – Ep. 047

It takes a lot of courage to jump into mergers and acquisitions, more so if it is your first deal. Equip yourself with the knowledge of the issues people in the industry commonly encounter with the process and go in...... Read More

Tom Minichiello: Be Diligent In Your Due Diligence – Ep. 013

  One of the lessons you can learn from an unsuccessful deal is the importance of doing due diligence. This is what Tom Minichiello discusses in this episode, both on a buyer and a seller perspective. Tom was named the...... Read More

Jim Piper: Creating Relationships With Family-Owned Acquisitions – Ep. 002

  Business relationships can be as important as family relationships, all the more when you’re dealing with family-owned businesses. Acquisitions are nothing to scoff at since it carries both the past, present, and future of the people involved. Executive Vice...... Read More

Michael MacNair: Traveling Through The Acquisition Process – Ep. 001

  What are the elements that make an organization great? Mike MacNair says that the key is in planning and being ready for the process of acquisition and integration, whether selling or buying. Mike began his career working for various...... Read More