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99. Patrick Stroth: Mitigating Post-Closing Risks Through The Rep And Warranty Insurance

M&A deals don’t just end after the acquisition. In fact, inherent to it are post-closing risks that buyers and sellers will have to face. Are there stones left unturned during the due diligence process? What monetary holdback and liability will...... Read More

63. The Critical Role Of Mindset To M&A Transactions with Jason Abell

Not nearly talked about in M&A transactions is the critical role of mindset and emotion. Without realizing it, you may have overspent or even over-invested in a transaction or deal that is not giving you the results you expected. Tackling...... Read More

54. How To Navigate M&A Deals During COVID with Trevor Crow

  With the COVID-19 right in front of us, one of the most pressing questions many of us in this industry is how the pandemic will impact M&A deals. Although we are still at the early stages of the crisis,...... Read More