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Justin Breen: The Importance Of Communication In The M&A Process – Ep. 067

Every transaction hangs by the thread of communication. How you get your message across can either make or break a deal. Yet, this important aspect tends to be the most overlooked by many in the M&A industry. That is why...... Read More

Alexandra Reed Lajoux: Business Valuations During Of COVID – Ep. 058

Valuing a business is hard enough when things are going well, but valuing a business that has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic can be another kind of tricky at best. Joining host, Domenic Rinaldi, in this episode, to talk...... Read More

Lou Diamond: Mergers And Acquisitions, Taking Your Business To The Market – Ep. 057

  In our business evolution, there will come a time where we have to take our business to the markets. Unfortunately, not many small business owners realize the value of their business that this transition can be quite difficult to...... Read More