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Mark Walztoni: Due Diligence And Integration: Preparing For Your Next Acquisition – Ep. 078

Due diligence and integration should have equal weighting in any acquisition. As integration is gaining more and more steam, more acquirers are asking how to do integration these days compared to years ago. Joining Domenic Rinaldi on today’s podcast is Mark...... Read More

Dr. Solange Charas: Running The Numbers On Human Capital ROI – Ep. 072

Human capital is the most important asset of every company. Without it, you can’t maintain clients or grow your business. This aspect of due diligence is so critical in the M&A process to see whether or not you are looking...... Read More

John Schreiner And Jeff Petersen: Buyers And Sellers, Two Sides Of M&A Transactions – Ep. 053

Students need to be prepared to argue either side of the law when discussing a legal issue. That way, you can learn the law from all angles and see every corner of an argument. In today’s episode, Domenic Rinaldi is...... Read More

Joseph Beer: Best Practices For Sellers in Mergers and Acquisitions – Ep. 033

Mergers and acquisitions are big events for various parties including the seller, buyer, company employees, and the legal team. On today’s show, Domenic Rinaldi focuses on the seller and talks to Joseph Beer, the Vice President of Operations at Sun...... Read More

Jay Myers: Realizing Your Dream And Delegating To More Business Dreamers – Ep. 031

 The American dream of starting building and selling a business can be elusive for many entrepreneurs. In this episode, host Domenic Rinaldi talks to Jay Myers, a successful entrepreneur, award-winning author, and Founder and former CEO of Interactive Solutions...... Read More

Tim Allen: Environmental Due Diligence – Ep. 018

  Get to know what environmental due diligence for commercial lenders and site remediation for businesses are as Domenic Rinaldi and his guest, Tim Allen, discuss what to do when business owners or buyers have real estate attached to their...... Read More

Tom Minichiello: Be Diligent In Your Due Diligence – Ep. 013

  One of the lessons you can learn from an unsuccessful deal is the importance of doing due diligence. This is what Tom Minichiello discusses in this episode, both on a buyer and a seller perspective. Tom was named the...... Read More

Jonathan Banta: Lessons From Multiple Business Transactions – Ep. 009

  You may not realize it, but doing multiple business transactions can actually help you in preparing and selling businesses. Jonathan Banta, the CEO of Preferred Dermatology Partners, talks with host Domenic Rinaldi about the lessons he learned from previous...... Read More