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Will Moore: Preparing For The Sale – Ep. 065

Many business owners who sell their businesses wind up being remorseful, not because of the amount of money that they received for their business, but because they don’t know the next thing to do and have lost their purpose. Are you...... Read More

Steve Migala: Exit Planning & Turning Over The Business – Ep. 042

  Nobody actively wants to turn over and leave their business, but for whatever reason, if that day ever comes, as a business owner, you have to have an exit strategy in mind. Having a good, solid framework for exit...... Read More

Kathy Miller: Transitioning From Selling A Business To Retirement – Ep. 022

  What comes next for you after selling a business, venturing into a new one or retiring altogether? Kathy Miller did the latter when she finally sold her own business, Total Event Resources. Kathy lived in the world of events...... Read More