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Greg Kihlstrom: Growing A Business Through Acquisition And Selling It Higher – Ep. 083

A business has its cycle. Many successful entrepreneurs know that, in one way or another, you will have to find your exit—one that leaves you far better than when you started. In this episode, Domenic Rinaldi invites serial entrepreneur and...... Read More

2020 Recap And Preparing For The Deals Ahead – Ep. 082

What a year it has been! If you are still here standing, then you deserve a pat on the back for making it through. Now that we’re at the end of this chaotic 2020, it’s time to look back and...... Read More

Andrew Cross: Creating The Perfect M&A Communication Strategy – Ep. 073

There is a lot at stake in getting your communication strategy right during a merger and acquisition. Apart from just ensuring a healthy give and take between the two parties, you need a communication plan to trickle information down to...... Read More

Klint Kendrick: Best Practices For Integrating Employees During M&A – Ep. 068  

There probably is an asset that is nothing more important in an acquisition than the people. They are the ones that make the engine run and carry the entire business. That is why knowing how to handle the integration of...... Read More

Jim Jeffries: Make Or Break Your ROI: Post-Merger Integration And Transition – Ep. 064  

Where should you start when you think about integration? In this episode, Jim Jeffries, founder of M&A Leadership Council, joins Domenic Rinaldi to talk about post-merger integration and transition and how that can typically make or break the return on...... Read More

Alexandra Reed Lajoux: Business Valuations During Of COVID – Ep. 058

Valuing a business is hard enough when things are going well, but valuing a business that has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic can be another kind of tricky at best. Joining host, Domenic Rinaldi, in this episode, to talk...... Read More

Lou Diamond: Mergers And Acquisitions, Taking Your Business To The Market – Ep. 057

  In our business evolution, there will come a time where we have to take our business to the markets. Unfortunately, not many small business owners realize the value of their business that this transition can be quite difficult to...... Read More

Trevor Crow: How To Navigate M&A Deals During COVID – Ep. 054

  With the COVID-19 right in front of us, one of the most pressing questions many of us in this industry is how the pandemic will impact M&A deals. Although we are still at the early stages of the crisis,...... Read More

Andrea Fuelleman: Protecting Your Brand Through Intellectual Property Enforcement – Ep. 046

  One of the often-overlooked areas when it comes to mergers and acquisitions is intellectual property. It is time to change that and bring the necessary conversation forward. In this episode, Domenic Rinaldi is joined by Andrea Fuelleman to help guide us...... Read More

Anthony Algmin: Leveraging Data For Your M&A Transactions – Ep. 043

  The world has increasingly become data-driven. Yet, not many businesses understand the weight of its importance, especially when it comes to driving towards success. Nationally-recognized data leader and published author, Anthony Algmin, speaks with Domenic Rinaldi to shed light on...... Read More