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85. How The CARES Act Will Change SBA 7(a) Loans with Doug Adams

Many people have been praying for new opportunities this 2021. For those who delve into business acquisitions, huge changes may already be coming their way. Doug Adams of Emerson Capital and Domenic Rinaldi talk about the significant amendments to the CARES Act,...... Read More

37. Working With Loan Brokers Vs. Banks with Doug Adams

 Naturally, people work on financial matters with their banks—so much so that most of the time, they don’t realize their options when it comes to loan brokers. Working with loan brokers can be a very different experience for most,...... Read More

17. Business Acquisition Loans with Steve Lasiewicz

  The word “loan” often gets negative reactions from people as it implies debt, but knowing and understanding how it works in business acquisitions can prove very useful. This is one simple method that the rich use to get richer,...... Read More